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Science Is...

Forming A Hypothesis Using Cause & Effect
  This activity provides students with ten scenarios that will result in writing a hypothesis using cause and effect.  To begin the activity students will be given a hypothesis and be expected to recognize and record the cause and effect.  To conclude this activity students will be expected to read a scenario, write a hypothesis using cause and effect, and write a scientific question.


Inside Earth

Clip Art Of  Earth's Interior
Inside Earth WebQuest
  This WebQuest coincides with the Inside Earth text published by Prentice hall. Students will browse through many Web sites that will engage their learning in the areas including the earth's interior (layers), heat transfer, continental drift and plate tectonics. After completing this WebQuest, students will be expected to create a board game or a 3 dimensional model demonstrating their learning.



What's The Matter (WebQuest)
  "What's The Matter" is an activity that is designed to introduce students the concept of matter. Students will be introduced to the three states of matter (solids, liquids, & gases); the characteristics of each as well as how the particles of each act.


Behavior Of Gases
  This activity takes an interactive look at Boyle's and Charles' gas laws.  These applets allow students to visualize the behavior of gases when the pressure and temperature of a gas are increased.


Using The Periodic Table Of Elements To Create Models Of Atoms
  "Using The Periodic Table Of Elements" is an activity that reviews the three components of an atom, protons, neutrons, electrons, and the periodic table, how it is organized and the information in each element box.  To conclude this activity students will create three models of atoms in the periodic table.  Student will use designated Web sites to get specific information about the elements such as boiling point, melting point, and history/interesting facts.


Moon Quest: A Lunar Journey! (WebQuest)
  Take a lunar journey when completing this WebQuest of the moon.  Students visit many Web sites to gain an understanding of the moon's surface and the phases of the moon.  This activity culminates with a choice of project, a phases of the moon essay or a phases of the moon poster.


Predicting Your Local Tides
  The moon plays a major role in tides.  In this activity students first view some Web sites that familiarize them with the reason for tides and the tidal cycle.  Also in this activity students will examine a current tide chart, calculate the time period between tides, and predict the next week of tides.


Discovering the Solar System Through A Database
  This solar system activity provides students with the skills and terminology to navigate through a database (Microsoft Excel). In addition to learning how to use a database students can discover how the planets in our solar system are similar and different.


Weather Or Not? (WebQuest)
  After being introduced to the various types of weather and the tools used to predict it students have a career choice to make.  "Weather Or Not Inc." provides students with a choice of four jobs, manufacturer, graphic designer, sales representative, or community involvement director.  As a culminating activity students will use their job title to create a product for the company "Weather Or Not Inc."
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