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Briscoe Middle School • Beverly, Massachusetts

Class Policies



Homework will be assigned at least three times a week.  Assignments may be collected and graded.  When homework is not collected, it will be checked off and reviewed during class time.  At the end of the term, all checked homework assignments will be added up and a test grade will be given for homework.


During each term, your son/daughter will have a chance to excel in many areas.  First, a series of tests will be given.  The weight of these tests will be twice that of all other assignments.  Second, lab reports will be graded and weighted as a quiz.  These reports require the student to complete tasks both in and out of class.  In some cases, many class periods are required to complete these types of assignments.  Third, almost every week a short quiz will be given on the concepts presented in class for that week.  Also, as stated above, a test grade will be given for effort in the area of homework.  Lastly, on two occasions during each term, the student's notebooks will be checked for both neatness and content.  The students will be informed prior to the check, and this will count as a test grade.

Extra Help / Make - Up Work

If students are in need of extra help, they are to make arrangements prior to the time they show up.  Extra help will be given from 8:00-8:30 AM Monday through Friday.  Also, an afternoon extra help will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-3:30 PM.  All students who are absent are expected to get missed assignments during these times.


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